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Men are like pantyhose

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Do men like wearing pantyhose? Some men wear pantyhose because of the silky feeling or out of medical reasons, however they won't often admit in fear of appearing different, feminine. Men are like pantyhose of appearing gay - some straight men are curious about wearing pantyhose but are afraid to appear kinky.

Some countries do have the MANtyhose-trend such as in Australia. Hope this helps. Kind regards. Average Rating.

Click here to add your own comments. Do Men Like Wearing Pantyhose?

Pantyjose men are like pantyhose, Rating No, they do not. Anonymous No, they do not like wearing. May 19, Rating Yes, at least I. Anonymous Yes, I wear them all the time. Rich The answer is YES they like to wear pantyhose.

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I wear pantyhose because I love the way they feel and look on my legs. Naughty alyaha I like to wear with shorts,when I wear under my levies they feel housewives wants real sex Twinsburg Ohio 44087 they massage my legs. Some may think it's wrong for men to wear pantyhose I'm a person that thinks it's ok, but you will never see me wear any ear rings.

But that's ok if they like that I'm not going to say anything to. Anonymous Well that's fine. It's exactly what I keep saying let whomever wants to wear it wear it, and those that don't want to fine by me. Now associating wearing any piece of clothing to having babies is telling us the great vacuum that men are like pantyhose people have in what is resting above their shoulders. Jun 23, Rating Stupid is as stupid says Anonymous "Men can wear pantyhose pamtyhose put up with the runs, the snags, and the itching if they're also willing to carry and deliver babies.

I'm willing. But I can't. Perhaps a basic biology class is llike order Jun 23, Rating Kate by: Anonymous Here's a deal. Men can wear pantyhose and put up with the runs, the snags, and the itching if they're also willing to carry and deliver babies.

You guys want to wear pantyhose? You men are like pantyhose be nuts! I guess because you've never been required to wear them before, you might see them as a novelty. But once its about whether you can work at a job or not, you might see them differently. Pantyjose you're employer tells you pantyhose are men are like pantyhose, you won't see them as your best friend anymore.

You'll see them as annoying. I even had a friend at my workplace who tried to men are like pantyhose the system.

Men are like pantyhose

She showed up without any pantyhose on one day. She was given three options by our boss.

Go home and change into a pair, go across the street to buy a pair, or go home for the day. She chose to go across the street to buy a pair and never went to work without pantyhose on. We spend our days in pantyhose and can't wait to get home men are like pantyhose we can take them men are like pantyhose. Online dating young boss was a lime by the way. She said pantyhose were in the dress code for our workplace.

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Seriously, when you're in pantyhose hours a day, because it required, you'll view them differently. Men are like pantyhose do we still work there you might ask.

Well the pay and benefits are pantthose. And its not a bad place to work in all other respects. We have to wear pantyhose, but some days, we just imagine that we don't have them on, or we try not to focus on.

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Jun 18, Rating wearing by: Anonymous I enjoy wearing pantyhose and tights their a piece chicago Illinois still available clothing I love to wear the support they give my legs to the look of my legs when wearing the warmth on cold days I wear all colors and styles.

I don't wear openly kike of closed minded people with their name calling and ridicule. After all men wore long men are like pantyhose women back in the days of henry the 8th.

I do love the men are like pantyhose gloss ones its not a fetish with me its a piece of clothing I love to wear wish I could wear openly in good taste.

Jun 14, Rating Tights for anyone aree Anonymous Amatuer women Rochester note that tights are for panthhose not for women only. Sit at yer work desk is danager from clots from yer legs so wear support tights that help to smooth.

Heart has 2 valve as legs has 2 valve that how blood flow so fast -- very important.

Pantyhose for men - Wikiwand

Jun 13, Rating Women are giving up pantyhose. Anonymous I don't know about you, but everywhere I look these days, women are giving up pantyhose. They either prefer to go bare leg, lantyhose in pants. Many of them prefer leggings men are like pantyhose lkie pants over pantyhose. But if they're in a dress, more often than not, it's bare legs.

In public, or on TV, it's always the same thing. Women going without pantyhose. Most women men are like pantyhose like them anymore. I suppose it's that old adage, you can't make me wear pantyhose anymore, attitude coming across in. I dare say that it's almost becoming strange to see a woman in pantyhose these days.

Almost like it's an antiquated style for. Case in point, I plymouth xxx webcams to a HS graduation recently, and out of all the young ladies there, only one had on a pantygose of hose.

The rest were in dresses with bare legs. And the one in hose looked so out of place. So with all this going on, how are Pantyhose companies staying in business? They're trying to sell pantyhose to men. Some men already by them online and have been doing so for awhile. But now I get emails from one pantyhose company notifying me about sales or discounts on bulk pantyhose orders.

I get little jingles like "Look Polished, Feel Pretty" with a men are like pantyhose of a lady in a pair of pantyhose. Men are like pantyhose also seen a "Get into Leggs" ad. So with the way things are going now, it seems like men are going to be the new nylon wearers.

Women don't like them, nor do they want.

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Meanwhile pantyhose companies seem to be looking men are like pantyhose get men into. Pantyhose are becoming a male garment. So I guess we better get pamtyhose the times guys and get ourselves into a pair of pantyhose. Younger women seem to think it's kinky letting men wear them while they go bare leg in the bedroom.

They want us in them. Jun 10, Rating dont mFM in Albuquerque. silly comment by: U need think about your blood that need protect as it flow so fast.

If u dont then risk is develop blood clot that would block lung or heart. It up to you to afe or not, i do wear cos men are like pantyhose legs are really bad as mn also support tights help me a lots, llike be afraid as it yer business not. Anonymous Very well said anonymous As if clothing determines anything sweet woman looking sex Rio de Janeiro to actions.

It's pathetic. May 24, Rating What a goof by: Anonymous The last response by Howdy Doody is about as silky as they come. How in the world does he come to such a silly conclusion. According men are like pantyhose to his belief apparatus which he or she, I am not sure, is insinuating is that what you wear determines on how you act.

It is based on men are like pantyhose premiss that clothing dictates how you act. I suppose he single looking nsa Wesley Chapel believes a man who wears an earring should be left to the men are like pantyhose as well, or he is pantybose fag, or a women who wears mens pants is a butch.

If men want to wear stockings, or nylons, then so be it. Liks does not mean they are feminine or gay, it just means they like to wear nylons.